About me

I was diagnosed with Celiac at the age of 3 i have been living gluten for a long time now it never used to be easy but now I can just walk into any cafe or restaurant and 85% chance there will be something gluten free. When I was 12 years old I was told that I was highly intolerant to Dairy and Egg which was horrible to find out about because i thought i wouldn’t be able to eat anything. So many things in the world have dairy or egg in them. But then i found out there are different solutions for egg and dairy for example if i was cooking something and it needed dairy instead of that i can use coconut oil, coconut milk, almond milk and even rice milk. They don’t really taste different but when i first started eating dairy and egg free i thought everything was disgusting but now everything is delicious! I have learnt to cook more because of my allergies. My favourite things to cook are sweets and desserts because they are always delicious!


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